The full range for a clean environment

Be it a static, mobile or complete unit: At Avermann, you will find the perfect solution for every size and application.

Reliable compaction for mobile use


Mobile compacting containers from Avermann are in worldwide use anywhere where large amounts of recyclable materials are processed. Depending on the transport vehicle, compacting containers are available in roll-on or lift-off versions. Numerous standard solutions are complemented by a range of mobile compacting containers developed for specific uses, for example in the foodstuffs, textiles, plastics, and printing industries. Machines with a uniform standard are available in order to ensure seamless circular exchange. Optionally, the containers can be fitted with a GSM-/GPS-supported messaging system so that position and fill status can be inquired at any time – for particularly efficient logistics and optimized container loading. Reductions in waste volumes as high as 16% of the original volume also ensure significant cost savings during transport and disposal.


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Maximum efficiency for large waste amounts


Stationary compactors are optimally suited for the compacting of large amounts of waste or recyclables. The compactor is firmly mounted onto the support surface. A transport container, in which the material is compacted, is coupled to the compactor. When the container reaches its maximum fill capacity, it is disconnected, replaced with an empty container, and then driven to the disposal site. Thanks to their flange mounted transport containers, Avermann stationary compactors are sure to impress with their high levels of variability and individuality. This enables guaranteed continuous waste disposal with no upstream production line downtimes. The maximum volumetric capacity of the transport container coupled to the fixed compact unit is 32 m³. The entire workflow is controlled by an integrated, low-maintenance electrohydraulic system.


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Concentrated compaction force for large waste disposal companies


Avermann horizontal balers are the world’s first choice when it comes to the processing of large amounts of recyclable materials. Whether for use in a central warehouse, a recycling center or at a landfill: Our units guarantee space-saving bale storage and highly economical transport to the end buyer. Depending on their intended use and space available, Avermann horizontal balers come in a variety of dimensional, performance, and structural options. The material to be compacted may, for example, be brought to the input hopper of the horizontal baler along a conveyor. A light barrier integrated into the input chute triggers the compacting process. The speed of the press ram is controlled based on the pressure. The entire compacting process is controlled based on pressure, time, and routing. Once the compacting process is completed, the press ram is programmed to return to its base position, and the compacting process starts again from the beginning.

The compacting technology is installed as you want it by our qualified technical personnel. Extensive training during commissioning is of course included. Horizontal balers are available in a wide range of standardized versions. Upon request, we develop specialized solutions designed for industry-specific applications.


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Your system for efficient emptying


Avermann bin-lift devices can be used to empty standard and custom-made waste bins. They are supplied either as an integral part of the compacting container or stationary compactor or as a stand-alone unit that can be connected to existing machines.


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Sorted classification for maximum value


Avermann sorting devices are complete system solutions from a single source. You can separate valuable raw materials from complex waste and recyclable material streams into separate fractions, which can then be sent for selective recycling. As environmental technology experts, we develop custom-made sorting systems for you, ranging from project management to manufacture, installation and commissioning.


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Solutions for your seamless intralogistics


Properly coordinated intralogistics offers great potential for a decisive increase in efficiency, particularly for companies with significant flows of materials. Avermann conveyor belts are individually tailored and manufactured for each application in a modular system by precise laser-cutting technology. This enables the creation of an optimal transport solution for every automation and space requirement, all within a very short time. Various belt qualities make the application particularly flexible, as they enable the safe transport even of difficult-to-handle bulk materials with oily, greasy, or abrasive components. Avermann conveyor solutions are available in sliding, roller, or chain conveyor versions. Their sturdy, deformation-resistant design will impress with their extreme longevity.


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Flexible categorization for a variety of applications


Avermann screen drums are available with different screen lengths, diameters, and hole sizes, and are precisely adapted to your specific requirements. This makes them ideal for categorizing construction, commercial and household waste, and even compost and soil. Subsequent drum retrofitting or adjustments to new working conditions are also possible at any time. The use of different screen plates allows the generation of multiple sieve fractions in a single drum. The drum tube is optionally available as a fixed tube with set hole sizes or as a frame construction with replaceable screen linings. In this case, the screen mats can be replaced or exchanged individually. The drum tube is often fitted with a conveyer screw in order to transport material. The base frame of the screen drum comprises a highly robust steel structure which fulfils all static requirements. Four-point radial support for the drum on the machined races is provided by wheels arranged in parallel. Axial support for the drum is provided by two pressure rollers.


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Clarity, clearness, and efficiency for large waste disposal companies


The innovative and powerful Telematik360 waste management portal solves many of the challenges faced by large waste disposal companies. The system offers you a 360-degree view of your entire integrated waste disposal equipment. Depending on the equipped hardware, e.g. mobile waste compactors, GPS controlled filling level information and other relevant status information for your equipment are determined and displayed on an Internet portal.

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All-round service for complete customer satisfaction

At Avermann, our standards are already outstanding. For precise customization, we also provide services which go a step further in every respect.

Consultancy and planning

We will work together with you to determine all of the details which are critical to the purpose of your solution. Like this, you can quickly decide whether a standard or individual solution is best for you.


Does your company need a solution which is not yet available on the market? Avermann specializes in the development of customized solutions which perfectly fulfill industry specific requirements.

Manufacturing and assembly

Our skilled engineers, technicians, and assemblers ensure that every product is available to you at the highest level of quality on the agreed delivery date – for optimal performance from the very first minute.


Perfect Avermann service does not end with the delivery and commissioning of your unit. Our high-quality range of service and maintenance ensures that even after years of use, your machine runs as well as it did on the first day.

Complete disposal and recycling plants

Tailored to every purpose and available space

Avermann environmental technologies are high-performance and wide-ranging. In addition to individual machines, we design, develop, manufacture, and assemble complete plants for sorting and separation, processing, and clean and efficient disposal.

Plant engineering for a cleaner world

Customers all over the world have put their trust in Avermann environmental technology for many years. After all, plants which provide flexibility, high throughput, and consistent operation are in demand everywhere. Take a look at the world map for an overview of the supply sources of our plants.

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