Universal bin-lifter

Your system for efficient emptying

Avermann bin-lifters can be used to empty standard and custom-made waste bins. They are supplied either as an integral part of the mobile or static compactor or as a stand-alone unit that can be connected to existing machines. Our bin-lifters can also be fitted with a mechanical lid opener for large waste bins (MGB) with round lids.

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Mechanical lifting comb for 120/240 l bins
Stationary bin-lifter installed on a ramp
  • Compatible: Countless potential applications upstream of 10 RM, 20 RM ring machines, and 20N RM wet waste compactors
  • User-friendly: Rapid on-site conversions
  • Versatile: Mobile or static versions
  • Flexible: for large waste bins in 660 l, 770 l, and 1,100 l sizes with flat lid
  • Easily integrated: power supply to 10/20 RM bin-lift and machine via one power supply
  • Safe and clean: Collection tray to prevent site contamination
  • High performance: lifting capacity
  • Individual production of special containers
  • optional comb for 120 l and 240 l large waste bins (MGB)
  • Hydraulic lifting comb for weights in excess of 40 kg
  • Stainless steel slide plate, e.g. for acidic or aggressive materials
  • 2-cylinder version
Technical data

10/20 RM bin-lifter, hingeable

Machine length 1,250 mm  
Machine width 2,155 mm  
Machine height 2,283 mm  
Motor output 2.2 kW  
Oil capacity 25 l  

Lifting capacity up to

500 kg


Dimensions and weight vary due to accessories

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