Horizontal baler type AVOS 88

Compact and economic solution for highest efficiency

With the horizontal baler type AVOS 88, you achieve maximum continuity. Whether paper, cardboard, or foil - this press delivers convincing performance every day with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Highly compacted, fully-automatic bound bales enable space-saving storage and cost-optimized transport. Long lifetime, low energy consumption, and easy handling - this machine leaves nothing to be desired.


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Version with sliding belt conveyor
Hydraulic hose with safety trap and brust protection

The fully automated horizontal baler AVOS 88 is perfectly suitable to compact cardboard, paper, plastics, and other recyclable materials. State of the art technology according to the C standard for horizontal balers published in 2013 (DIN EN 16252).

  • The frame of the machine consists of a solid welded construction and is provided for the fastening on the floor with dowels.
  • Rapid motion/power speed control system as well as an automatic speed adaptation, depending on the necessary pressing power, for the increase of the throughput capacity.
  • Cutting knives on the force plate and on the counter plate for cutting off the overhanging material in the hopper section. Temper of the knives: 56 + 4 HRC
  • Press ram guiding with low-maintenance plastic guides, highly wear-resisting, and indifferent to dust. Excellent accessibility for easy adjustment of the press ram guides, to minimize cutting forces.
  • Press ram cover for continuous feeding.
  • Three-sided adjustment of press channel, regulation depending on pressing power, to achieve maximum bale weights.
  • Automatic binding with drill fingers made of highly wear-resisting NAXTRA material as well as separate wire cutting knife guarantees a safe binding of bales.
  • Wire diameters available: 2.8 mm (standard)/3.1 mm
  • Free programmable PLC, Siemens Simatic S 7, including switching and control elements.
  • Potential free contacts for emergency stop, automatic mode, general fault, overfill protection, material feed conveyor belt.
  • Integration of external emergency stop in the baler control.
  • Electrically controlled bale length measuring system.
  • Touchscreen display: 7.5’’ TFT – 96 MB, 640 x 480 pixels (SVGA), for operation of the machine incl. presentation of the operation condition and press performance. Possible errors are also shown and described on the panel. Operating temperature from 0° to 55° C.
  • Heating of the control cabinet.
  • Photo cells inside the hopper of the baler for the press stroke control and as overcharge protection.
  • Capacity controlled, power saving press ram drive via axial piston pump.
  • Type Rexroth A10, operating pressure 220 bar.
  • First equipment of hydraulic oil HLP 46, capacity: 450 l, with oil level switch which switches off the machine in case of an excessively low oil level.
  • Oil/Air cooling unit for the hydraulic oil.
  • Oil filtration with 3 µm filter.
  • Hydraulic unit with screwed-on valves mounted on the hydraulic block, easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Rexroth valve technology for gentle and energy-saving system operation.
Description Data

(L x W x H)

4,000 x 1,670 x 2,500 mm

Hopper cross section:
(L x W)

800 x 800 mm

Size of bale (W x H):
(adjustable length)

800 x 550 mm

Belt connection:

alternatively on the left or on the right


3-fold vertical

Binding wire:

annealed, oiled wire according to DIN 177
(not part of our scope of delivery)

Drive capacity:

7.5/11 kW 
(depending on model)

Press force:

300 kN

Throughput capacity:

see data sheet AVOS 88
  • Feeding chute:
    To connect a conveyor belt, for the automatic feed.
  • Bale slide:
    1.2 x 3.0 m
  • Binding wire (6 x 20 kg):
    Annealed and oiled binding wire with a diameter of 2.8 mm (according to DIN 177) for binding of bales.
    1 set = 6 coils à 20 kg.
  • Mechanical crimping pliers incl. aluminium clamps:
    To connect new, complete wire coils. The connection is effected by aluminum clamps (1,000 pieces included).
  • Oil heating
    To pre-heat the hydraulic oil, for temperatures < 6°C; power: 1,000 watts.
  • Remote access:
    Through an industrial router in connection with an M2M SIM-card, an interface is created with the control unit of the machine so that the inputs and outputs of the SPS can be displayed in an internet portal. Running costs according to tariff or by network cable provided locally.
  • Inclined conveyor belt
    To feed the baler, designed as a sliding belt conveyor.
    The belt supporting structure is a solid welded torsion reinforced steel construction for fastening with dowels.
    The conveyor belt is designed as rubber belt with fabric insert and attachments.
  • Pit cover for sliding belt conveyor
    In the field of the horizontal belt, particularly solid design, accessible by floor conveyors.
  • Personal protection system:
    An antenna module is mounted above the conveyor belt in front of the filling opening of the baler. The magnetic field of this antenna module monitors the entire length of the conveyor belt. Individuals under protection wear a so-called personal protection module on their clothing or on their wrist.
    If a person wearing such a module now enters the field under magnetic monitoring, it will be detected by the system and the entire plant will automatically and immediately shut down.
    The personal protection system consists of:

    Antenna module
    Evaluation module
    Self-test module
    PSM personal protection module (wristband version)
    PSM test device
    Additional wristbands are charged separately.

    A personal protection system is compulsory in accordance with DIN EN 16252:2013-03 for underfloor feeding conveyor systems.
    Exception: The conveyor system control device is not self-supporting and is arranged in such a way that the operator can easily see the danger zone.
  • Feeding and inclining conveyor belt:

Description Data

Belt quality:

EP 400/3, 2:0 (DIN Quality N)

Belt guiding:

6,600 mm, 32° increasing

1,000 mm, 0° horizontal

Conveyor width net:

800 mm

Feed height:

-500 mm

Length of belt:

7,600 mm

Height of side guiding:

500 mm

Height of attachments:

50 mm

Attachment distance:

750 mm

Motor rating:

2.2 kW

All data are approximate values subject to constructive finalization.

All specifications are approximate values ​​and the final, constructive determination reserved.

  • Savings: Low power consumption
  • Flexible: Individual equipment options
  • Space saving: Suitable for applications with limited space
  • Manual feeding hopper
  • Bale chute
  • Touch screen display

RAL 1003


RAL 2000


RAL 3001


RAL 3020


RAL 5005


RAL 5007


RAL 5010


RAL 5015


RAL 5017


RAL 6002


RAL 6018


RAL 6024


RAL 7016


RAL 7032


RAL 7038


RAL 9002


Other RAL-colors available on request at additional cost.

Technical data

AVOS 88-7.5/30

AVOS 88-11/30

Machine length

4,000 mm 

4,000 mm

Machine width

1,670 mm

1,670 mm

Machine height

2,480 mm 

2,480 mm 

Feeding hopper cross section

800 x 800 mm

800 x 800 mm

Dead weight approx.

3,600 kg 

3700 kg

Bale dimensions (W x H)

800 x 550 mm

800 x 550 mm

Bale weight* up to

250 kg

250 kg

Channel adjustment



Cycle time (empty)

22 s

14 s

Idle speed capacity (theoretical) 

60 m3/h 

94 m3/h

Throughput*** 35 kg/m3 (cardboard)

1.6 t/h

2.6 t/h

Throughput*** 60 kg/m3 (cardboard, paper)

2.8 t/h

4.5 t/h

Throughput*** 100 kg/m3 (newspapers)

4.7 t/h

7.5 t/h

Specific press force

68.2 N/cm2

68.2 N/cm2

Drive capacity

7.5 kW 

11 kW 

Press force

300 kN 

300 kN

* dependent on bale length and material, ** in terms of bulk weight

  • Bale length: Adjustable
  • Binding: 4-fold vertical
  • Electricity: 3 x 400 V, N, PE/50 Hz
  • Fuse protection (on site): 63A

AVOS 88 P-11/30

Two AVOS 88 P-11/30 horizontal balers in a cigarette factory in Asia

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