Transport containers

The successful concept for maximum cost-effectiveness

Avermann transport containers are used optionally with static compactors or screw compactors. Moreover, they can easily be integrated into shifting units. Depending on the application and type of static or screw compactor, different container sizes from 20 m3 to 32 m3 are available.

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Transport containers at static compactor facility
  • Feed-ready: Net capacity up to 32 m3
  • Locking options: Side-hinged door or top-hinged flap with various locking mechanisms
  • Tailor-made: Demand-oriented use
  • Durable: Robust construction for long lifetime
  • For use on static compactors or static screw compactors

Technical data SP-B-20 SP-B-22 SP-B-25 SP-B-28 SP-B-30 SP-B-32
Net capacity 20 m3 22 m3 25 m3 28 m3 30 m3 32 m3
Machine length 5,030 mm 5,480 mm 6,130 mm 6,780 mm 7,130 mm 7,350 mm
Machine width 2,495 mm 2,495 mm 2,495 mm 2,495 mm 2,495 mm 2,495 mm
Machine height 2,600 mm 2,600 mm 2,600 mm 2,600 mm 2,600 mm 2,600 mm

Dead weight

2,900 kg

3,100 kg

3,370 kg

3,600 kg

3,760 kg

3,800 kg

Special containers on request

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